Hello world!

As I write the first blog of my life, I’m sitting in a dorm room at a college in Nebraska.  I’ve spent the past several days listening to a variety of speakers, one of which is Rev. Dr. Bruce Reyes-Chow.  He is NOT what you would imagine.

Bruce is imaginitive, energetic and has forgotten more about social media than I’ll ever know.  I’ve learned the difference between web 1.0 and 2.0, social network platforms and open source software, just to name a few.  I know just enough to be dangerous; but I’ll impress the devil out of my friends!

So why begin a blog?  Because I realize that I just might have something to say that someone needs to hear.

I’m a Christian.  Most of the time I say it with what I hope is humility.  Sometimes I apologize for it.  I apolgize for those who have gotten in your face and yelled you to submission.  I apologize for those who haven’t listened closely enough to your pain.  And I include myself.

So let’s talk.  Let’s talk about the ways in which God has found you, spoken to you, engaged you, energized you, angered you or left you alone.  Let’s learn to understand each other so that we can find the common ground and understand our differences.

I don’t expect miracles.  I do pray that I can be faithful to my Lord and Savior.

Grace and peace.


2 responses to “Hello world!

  • Charlie Freeland

    So you apologize for Christians who get in our face. And Lillian Daniel says she is through apologizing for other Christians who don’t think like she does. Ours is indeed an “(This)Odd and Wondrous Calling” [book by Lillian Daniel & Martin B. Copenhaver]

    • sandybach

      Lillian Daniel apologizes for many things that I concur with. If we’re ever to be able to talk with each other it seems to me that we must understand our own faith so that we can listen and hear what others have to say. Not everyone will desire to enter that conversation; I hope that those who do choose to will enter with a sense of humility and authenticity, setting their own agenda aside.
      That’s hard.
      Thank you for your comments.

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