Where Do We Find God?

I Kings 8:1-43
“When the priests left the holy place, the cloud filled the Lord’s temple, and the priests were unable to carry out their duties due to the cloud because the Lord’s glory filled the Lord’s temple.” (I Kings 8:10-11)

This is the story about Solomon building the temple for God. David wanted to build it, but God said no. This time David’s son, Solomon, builds the temple and God is pleased. God packs up the heavenly suitcase and moves in.

A few months after my father passed away, my mother decided to get busy doing something. She decided that she wanted to help other people. Through a series of events she found herself in the local nursing homes calling on members of her congregation. Soon that spread to visits to those who had no one visiting them regardless of their church affiliation.

She loved this ministry. She made a difference in the lives of many people. In a few cases she was the one sitting beside their bed as they took their last breath.

She never believed it to be ministry. It was something to do to keep her busy and she found enjoyment in it. What if she knew that every time she walked into a room she was bringing Christ with her?

As children we may have learned that God lives in the sanctuary. The image is helpful for us, perhaps even as adults. Don’t we love going to church to “see” God? We walk into the sanctuary and feel God’s presence and know that God is ready to meet us.

So, did God live in the Temple? Does God live in the sanctuaries? To say yes would be saying that God is exclusive and that’s not the God I worship.

Yes, God resides in the Temple and sanctuaries. God also resides in the nursing homes and hospitals and on the streets. God comes in to our offices and court rooms and restaurants and classrooms.

God is everywhere. We find God everywhere. Because nothing can contain God.

“How lovely is your dwelling place. . .” (Psalm 84)

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