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Facing God

“Job answered: ‘Today my complaint is again bitter; my strength is weighed down because of my groaning. Oh, that I could know how to find him — come to his dwelling place;'” (Job 23, 1-3)


We yearn for peace and quiet in a frenzied world: turn off the radio in the car, push “off” on the TV remote, close your eyes in hopes that the “Chatty Cathy” across the table from you will somehow be muted.

We love silence. But, not from God. When God is silent, we feel unloved and unwanted. We need to know that God knows what we’re going through. The silence hurts more than the pain itself. Not being heard isolates us.

Job’s friends spent a great deal of time telling Job everything he did wrong.  He must have sinned and that’s why God took everything away from him.  Job must have been an immoral man.  He’ll have to repent before God will be willing to talk with him.

Yet, Job continues in faith.  And he continues with his laments.  Good for him.  He refuses to give up faith in God.  Rather he stays in there, sharing his pain and praying desperately to God.  He may feel the silence and it hurts him deeply.  But, he’s not giving up.

In fact arguing with God is an act of deep faith.

And those so-called friends?  They arrived in the beginning to support Job.  They spent seven days in sackcloth and ashes and said nothing.  Then they spoke and that wasn’t helpful at all.

Sometimes silence is important, even when you’re searching for God.

All glory and honor be to God.



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