Pentecost Power

“Suddenly a sound from heaven like the howling of a fierce wind filled the entire house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be individual flames of fire alighting on each one of them.” (Acts 2:2,3 CEB)

I wonder what Peter and those gathered with him were thinking that morning? Were they looking forward to celebrating the Jewish Pentecost? Were they getting anxious waiting for that power from the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised ten days ago?

What happened that morning was powerful. No still, small voice from God; no calm angel providing information about an impending birth; no men in white robes sharing about an already risen Lord.

This was big. It was loud, it was filled with energy. It was amazing and it was powerful. This Holy Spirit that seems to whisper to our hearts and behave more like a light breeze arrives in Jerusalem with extraordinary and amazing power.

And that’s when Peter delivered the most important sermon of his career, up to that point. He reached back into scripture, reminding the crowd and all of us of Joel’s words. This prophecy is inclusive of gender and race and reaches out to young and old alike.

What I love about that passage from Joel, though, is that we will see visions and dream dreams. Perhaps the power of Pentecost is to be found in our visions and dreams. We have dreams of a bright future and that tomorrow will be better.

What are your dreams? What are the dreams of your family? What are the dreams of your particular church or worship community? How does Spirit speak to you?

Though Spirit arrived with explosive noise and fireworks, we also know Spirit to be that still, small voice.

And it’s us who must be still in order to pay attention to what she has to say.

Listen…what is she calling you to be and to do today?

All glory and honor be to God.


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